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    Next time, think twice about taking cheap shots at someone that many people here - myself included - really like.  
    I'd like Cenk to think twice -- or even once -- before taking a potshot at a first responder.  Not going to happen, though.  On the Officer Bert Lopez story he spelled it right out, that sensationalism makes for good ratings.  Then he proceeded to do it.  It's not a mistake or a coincidence, it's a self-serving pattern -- one that costs the progressive movement as a whole.
    Cenk and TYT are a net plus for progressives,
    I strongly disagree.  I think having someone with such an obvious self-serving agenda, combined with deep sexism and utter lack of journalistic standards, is a net minus for us.  Not to mention the discord sows among first responders, and how it widens the rift between us and citizens.  Are you aware of that?  How nasty he is to us?

    I am aware, however, that his fans are rabidly not interested in hearing criticisms of him, no matter how valid or logical they may be.

    but you have a personal problem with and an obvious bias against Cenk.  
    How many times can someone punch you in the face before you develop a "personal problem with" and "obvious bias against" them?  Just curious.

    I used to like TYT, once upon a time.  I reached a point of no return with their quality issues.

    You simply won't make us hate him like you do
    Well, if I were trying to "make [you] hate him" that would be disappointing.  Fortunately, I'm trying to get people to turn a critical eye to him, which I have been able to do.  Not that many, and I get attacked by his adoring pack of sexist dufii on a regular basis, but yes, many people have opened their eyes.
    As such, I can't take your diary seriously
    Good thing I have plenty of tissues, I'll be crying all night for sure.

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