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View Diary: Ripples - Kossacks Can Help Fulfill the Legacy of RFK Today (118 comments)

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  •  Broken $200!! (none)
    Now at $210!
    •  $255!!! (none)
      Rollin, rollin, rollin, though the market's holin', keep them dollars rollin, Rawhide!
      •  BOOM! - $305 (none)
        Droppin' bombs, kossacks!! $50 more just hit paypal!!

        More, less, anything you can, if not dollars, recommends and good vibes always welcome!!

        Who's got the juice?  Kossacks got the juice!!

        •  Hitting Stride - $355! (none)
          Another $50 bomb!

          And like I said, if you can't give, reccomends will keep up the exposure!  We have a real chance to make a difference.  Wow do you people make me feel great!!

          •  $20 more - $375 (none)
            Who's gonna put us over $400?  Is it you, Ohio Kossacks?  Why do I single you out?  Because after my election eve in Cleveland with Kerry and the Boss, and the awful ride home the next day, hearing about your election being stolen from you, I'm ready to fill up with pride knowing you can't be kept down.  That goes for you too Florida!  Or anyone else!  Wow am I psyched!

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