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View Diary: Ripples - Kossacks Can Help Fulfill the Legacy of RFK Today (118 comments)

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  •  Time for the Night Kossacks to show us daytimers.. (none)
    what your made of!

    This is great.  I would love to see the look on turtle's girlfiend's face when he tells her how much  bacon he's bringing home.

    And, I wonder, will this make the kids feel like people care about them?  Cause we do.  

    LetsFight. Worst.Message.Board.Handle.Ever. and I can't change it. Fight the radical right is the sentiment!

    by letsfight on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 02:36:18 PM PDT

    •  Thank you so much letsfight!! (4.00)
      I'm going to see my girlfriend in 2 hrs - she's been busy all day and has not seen anything that's happened since before we made the recommended diaries list.  So yeah, she's gonna be smiling wide.

      But your second point is even more important, so let me confirm.  Yes.  When these kids find out that so many total strangers have stepped up to bat for them, believe in them, dare they believe it, care about, even love them, it will ROCK THEIR WORLD.  They might not acknowledge or show it right off.  Like I say, some might not even care or admit they do until they're breathing the clean air you are all on the way to buying them.  (Wow.  Imagine how sad it is that we have to "buy" kids a day in clean air).

      Again, thank you all so much.

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