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  •  My German shepherd mix (2+ / 0-)
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    MaikeH, Subterranean

    Used to steal food of the counters, the stove, and the table all the time until she got arthritis and can no longer jump. She also used to get over our 8 foot fence. You would be surprised what some dogs can do.

    But she also threw up inside the car when traveling just locally. I can't imagine how terrified she would have been on top of the car. I think dogs get car sick just like some people.

    My other dog is fine on short trips but we tried to take him on vacation and after an hour in the car he became very car sick. We turned around, drove home, put him in a kennel, and started the trip all over. We did not hose him off and strap him on the roof.

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    by CatM on Wed Apr 18, 2012 at 04:39:39 AM PDT

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    •  Kennel vs. Trip (0+ / 0-)

      Not every dog enjoys a vacation trip. Our Teddy always does the guilt thing at the doggie hotel, so one time we took him to Galveston with us. He did not enjoy himself at all.

      The trip took almost an hour longer than usual because we had to pull over so often to let Teddy pee (he rode INSIDE the cab of the truck btw). Once there, we realized that the dog friendly hotel room we had booked was in a less-than-spectacular neighborhood.

      Having observed other dogs at the beach, we assumed Teddy would have a good time there, but he didn't. He thought the sand and the seagulls were a nuisance. In turn, the other dogs thought Teddy was a nuisance.

      I grew extremely tired of being tethered to my dog for a week. Everywhere, except in the hotel room, Teddy had to be on a leash -- if he was welcome at all. No stores, museums, or historic home tours for me -- the only time I saw the inside of a building other than the hotel was when I went to church and my boyfriend and Teddy waited outside.

      Out of all the wonderful restaurants in town, we could eat only at the few that had a dog friendly seating area outside.

      After four days, Teddy became homesick and started moping. He perked up considerably when we came home and he saw the San Antonio skyline.

      From then on -- no more vacations with Teddy. If we go anywhere for longer than a weekend, it's off to the doggie hotel for him. Btw, I was told that he does the guilt trip drama only for my benefit. As soon as I'm gone, he's as happy as can be.

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      by MaikeH on Wed Apr 18, 2012 at 09:01:40 AM PDT

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