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  •  Got the response from Pandora (0+ / 0-)

    Hi XXXX,

    Thanks for taking the time to write to us. We always welcome input from our listeners - on any and every topic.

    Perhaps the best place to start is to tell you that, like virtually all media outlets, the advertising content on Pandora does not represent an endorsement of any kind on our part. We realize the prominent placement of many of our ads may give the impression that Pandora somehow endorses the product, issue, candidate, etc. but we do not.

    We understand that certain material can be sensitive ground. In fact a good majority of our campaigns elicit some level of protest from listeners - everything from credit cards and alcohol, to fast food and political candidates offend certain listeners' sensibilities or beliefs. While we of course respect the perspective of each individual, when deciding whether to accept a campaign we ask ourselves one central question: does this, or would this, advertisement appear on mainstream broadcast media (TV and/or radio)? If the answer is yes, we accept the ad.

    We recognize that this standard is organic, and evolves over time. But while there are occasional judgment calls still required, we feel strongly that we should not be in the business of censoring.

    We didn't mean to offend you, but hope that you can understand our approach. There is always the option to subscribe to Pandora One, thereby removing all the advertising from your Pandora experience. It's only $36/year and comes with a number of additional benefits. You can find out more about Pandora One here:

    Thanks for listening to Pandora, and thanks again for taking the time to write us - it means a lot that you care enough to speak up.  
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    I responded with sorry no dice you are going along whether you agree or not.

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