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View Diary: Republicans and millionaires celebrate tax day and Buffett Rule failure (74 comments)

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  •  The conservative talking point... (11+ / 0-) that the Buffett rule is bad because it won't single-handedly solve all our debt/deficit problems.  Apparently conservatives expect us to do nothing until we can do everything.  (All the while we're supposed to ignore that every conservative plan increases the debt/deficit.)

    •  That's their argument about so many things (1+ / 0-)
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      It can be extended to renewable warming...almost any matter.

      It's as if there is some rule out that stating that no solution worth anything at all has more than one element.  

      Unless we can find that one single action or strategy that makes all the problems go * * poof * * into thin air, then we shouldn't do anything.

      The people that swallow their argument are simpleminded idiots.  The people that repeat their arguments while knowing they're false are themselves conniving liars.


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