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View Diary: Republicans and millionaires celebrate tax day and Buffett Rule failure (74 comments)

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  •  What's wrong with tax fairness? (2+ / 0-)
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    Do you support tax unfairness?  It's about paying your fair share since you are getting a disproportion of all the wealth and income in this country.

    The median wage for the middle class, despite the tax cuts, and adjusted for inflation, hasn't risen in 50 years.

    When you have Walmart - one of the biggest U.S. employers, promoting increasing the minimum wage so that the middle class and working poor can have more disposable income to buy their junk - then you know that this group of people is in economic trouble.

    If we don't raise taxes on the wealthy, they we have to cut the very programs the middle class and working poor depend on - taking even more income from them.  

    Therefore, the Buffet Rule makes perfect economic sense.

    •  Nothing wrong with fairness, but I was responding (0+ / 0-)

      to the parent comment, which refuted the idea that taxing the rich doesn't solve the problem.

      It doesn't.  Doesn't even amount to a drop in the bucket of the deficit.  

      As a matter of fact, you could tax the rich at 90% and it still wouln't make up for the other 62% of the tax cuts that went to the middle class.

      Taxing the rich is an emotional victory, but not a fiscal one.

      •  It isn't about reducing the deficit. (0+ / 0-)

        The tax increase on those making over $1 million is not only about fairness but about helping the middle class and the poor.

        Here's why:

        If we don't raise revenues then we have to cut programs that support and help the middle class, working poor, seniors, etc... We can't continue to have historically low taxes on the wealthy (who have all the wealth) and help grow the middle class who are the real job creators.  

        And the Buffet Rule is a good starting point, but shouldn't end there.

        •  Taxing just the rich will not raise enough revenue (0+ / 0-)

          to avoid cuts.

          It's only a drop of water in an ocean of red.

          The largest portion of the lost revenue for the Bush Tax Cuts went to the middle class, not the rich.

          You have to end ALL of the tax cuts to begin to address the problem.

          •  You can't raise the taxes on the middle class (0+ / 0-)

            because their incomes have already gone down in real dollars and because too many are already unemployed.  The middle class are the job creators by creating demand.  If you raise their taxes, and put less money in their hands, demand will go down and unemployment will go up.

            The tax cuts for the wealthy cost $42 billion/year - hardly a drop in the bucket - and an amount that could fund many programs the GOP wants to cut.


            In addition to eliminating tax cuts for the wealthy - the bloated Pentagon budget needs to be cut.  

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