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View Diary: Climate change coverage down 90% in 2011 on the Sunday talk shows. All Republicans, no scientists (148 comments)

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  •  MB, I'm looking more closely at the Gallup Poll... (1+ / 0-)
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    In your intro you said:

    The president himself won't use the term [climate change] in speeches even on something as relevant to the climate-change discussion as energy policy. But he, at least, has reasons. No doubt his advisors argue against bringing the issue up in an election year...
    One wonders why the President and his advisers would be worried about bringing this up in an election year. Granted, concern about the issue has declined since an all-time high in 2000. However, the cited Gallup Poll clearly indicates that concern about climate change is still a winning issue among a solid majority of Americans, and especially among Democrats and Independent voters.
    Question: How much do you worry about global warming?

    ~Democrats -- 91% worried to varying degrees: 42% said a "great deal"; 32% said a "fair amount"; 17% said "only a little"; 10% said "not at all".

    ~Independents -- 78% worried to varying degrees: 31% said a "great deal"; 24% said a "fair amount"; 23% said "only a little"; 21% said "not at all".

    ~All Americans -- 77% worried to varying degrees: 30% said a "great deal"; 25% said a "fair amount"; 22% said "only a little"; 23% said "not at all".

    ~Republicans -- 60% worried to varying degrees: 16% said a "great deal"; 18% said a "fair amount"; 26% said "only a little"; 40% said "not at all".

    Clearly, the President would be well-advised to come out and show solidarity on the issue of global warming. He has nothing to fear, at least not from the electorate. Once again, Main Street has spoken, it remains to be seen whether our elected representatives care to hear what we have to say. (Pardon my populist moment.)

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