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View Diary: Breaking-Sen. Salazar - Dobson Unchristian - Hits FOF Hard (116 comments)

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  •  FOF/GOP used plenty of anti-Catholic invective (none)
    ... when they went after Kerry. The words and attacks that weren't widely quoted on cable are still on the public record.

    The press corpse were their usual lazy selves when they decided, well if one guy's the "Faith Guy" then the other has to be the "Anti-Faith" guy. This is utterly insulting and preposterous to anyone who feels s/he shouldn't have to pass Punditstan's stupid litmus test designed to flatter an extremist minority that refuses to respect democratic principles.

    Most people WANT a separation of church and state. They sure as hell don't want a weird meld of a Raging Republican Rapture Cult positioning itself as the new National Faith.

    Get Bush's gubmint-faith out of our bedrooms, our doctor's offices and our churches.

    This machine fights fascism - motto on a Woody Guthrie guitar

    by Peanut on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 10:38:15 AM PDT

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