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View Diary: Breaking-Sen. Salazar - Dobson Unchristian - Hits FOF Hard (116 comments)

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  •  Did you read any of the thread Merle? (none)
    Go to FR and check it out, it's priceless. I'd look in the 900-1000 post # range for some of the most interesting comments.

    What amazed me was that they were saying things like "how come we're the majority and Democrats are still in control?" and "Biden acted like the chairman of that committee".

    Someone even went so far as to say that they could have 99 Republican senators and our 1 would still control them all. LOL

    •  Whoops my mistake (none)
      your post was right underneath my discussion which also replied to the post you replied to, and so I sort of mixed it up. The Bolton thread over there is what I was referring to.

      Sorry, don't mind me, dealing with a bit of food poisoning right now and not exactly all together here at the moment (I'm hoping I'm not going to die from this thing, can't afford a doctor - right now my self-diagnosis is tenuous).

      •  That's o.k. (none)
        I read some of the Bolton thread, too.  Any indication that someon has a thought that doesn't agree with theirs and that someone, Dem or Repub, would dare to voice it, is anathema.

        Read the thread reporting and commenting on Condi's sashaying around Europe.  It's like she's the Virgin Mary or something.  

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