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View Diary: Confirmed: Drug testing for welfare law cost Florida money (39 comments)

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  •  But is this Fraud? (3+ / 0-)

    They arent taking the money under false pretenses as far as we know.  We only know that at sometime they were exposed to POT smoke.  We dont know that tax money was used to buy it, or that it was given to their children etc.  Unless they are all eating poppyseed bagels on the taxpayers dime, we really know nothing about any pretense that was made do we?  If I burn my house down and collect insurance, then I have defrauded.  But if I take money to feed my kids... and I feed them are we to allow the government to investigate other aspects of our lives... hold us to a higher standard because we utilize a social safety net?  Does a speeding ticket disqualify them?  There are those that say "yes."  But this wasnt the point of the program.  And to its point... helping those in need, as long as those priorities are met I am not sure they have defrauded anything.

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