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View Diary: Democrats to introduce WORK Act to give all mothers the same choice Ann Romney had (190 comments)

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  •  Ah yes. The Big (Mormon) Lie (2+ / 0-)
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    The one thing that really stuck out at me in Ann Romney's comments was Mitt's insistence that her job was "more important" than his. Every day, he would leave her and the children in order to gain power, money, and prestige. He has no greater desire than POTUS because that's the ultimate brass ring. He is allowed to enjoy the true power of his position as a man, a businessman, a politician, and Somebody Important.

    Ann never had that choice. Don't let her rhetoric fool you, she simply didn't have the option. "Mitt wanted me to stay home" is a literal truth--the man of the house wanted his little woman back at home with the children where she belonged. And since he is the ultimate power in his house, it wouldn't really have occurred to her to question him.

    But this is the exact same rhetoric the LDS Corp uses when explaining why women do not have the priesthood. They say that a woman's "role as mother" is so important, so powerful, that the priesthood is merely a compensating factor for a man's inability to have and raise children.

    That doesn't mean Mitt values women, mothers, or the job of raising children. It only means that Mitt knows the magic words to keep the little wifey in her place.

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