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  •  the tax code is neither moral or immoral, (1+ / 0-)
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    it just is. attempting to imbue it with characteristics which are simply human constructs is a waste of time, time better spent debating which aspects of the code serve a legitimate public purpose. and i guarantee you, for every section you decide doesn't, there will be a choir arguing the opposite.

    with respect to the "max tax" on capital gains, i've been arguing this for years, and have yet to be convinced that, absent this special rate, no one would ever invest. hogwash! what are they going to do, stuff all their spare cash in their mattress? probably not. that said, there is a flock of very well paid lobbyists, with smooth, velvet baritone voices, who will convince congress that the break is needed, else all that venture capital will go elsewhere, like, oh, i don't know, the eden-like paradise of syria maybe.

    ok, i made that last part up.

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