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View Diary: Six extraordinary people who are giving voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless (31 comments)

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  •  I imagine you're right, pp (4+ / 0-)

    it's that moment when you see a grave injustice and you wonder how it's possible that nobody has done anything about it. Most of us think that there are probably people who are way more qualified to do any number of things, but sometimes what it really takes to solve a problem is a beginner's mind, the kind of thinking that hasn't yet accepted the "common sense" that it can't be done.

    Another thing all these people seem to have in common is that they didn't seek out these battles, so they had to go with their gut feeling of what's right when the battle came to them. It's like when there's a natural disaster and it brings out the best in so many people, because they just follow their natural human instincts rather than be guided by all the layers of BS we tend to get wrapped up in.

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