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  •  If I wasn't on disability (2+ / 0-)
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    Sean X, jpmassar

    I would be occupying, but if I get arrested or even hit in the head it could be potential fatal for me.  My skull now is being held together with titanium and screws and my balance sucks, I couldn't even run away, I'd fall, LOL.  And if you get arrested your state or federal support gets cut off.

    I support the OWS movement, because things are just too wrong to keep on going like they are.  I don't think the system is working for the majority of people and it is getting to the point where voting for someone because your scared shit-less of the other candidate is not a fair choice.  Sorry, that is how I feel.

    Just read someplace else that drones are going to be used in Yemen and that the FCC is going to allow Wall Street to trade derivatives again.  Hot damn we are so fucked as a country, more war, more Wall Street corruption all with the blessing of our lame ass leaders.  

    I'm sorry, I saw a friend of mine tonight who is working in retail since the 2008 crash, he has no family, and no health insurance because he can't afford it on his pay and he has MS.  It kills me to see what he goes through to bring home enough money to pay for rent and some food.  

    And the whole thing about the HCR that gets to me, I understand that prices are suppose to be lower, but there are still few who can afford the price of health insurance, even if people will get assistance with health insurance it is still going to have to come from somewhere, but where is that money going to come from?  And you know with all the low paying, part-time jobs people are getting to support themselves the majority of people are going to need help with health care insurance subsidies.

    Here is what gets me, I have a friend who is wonderful but she worked for the government for half of her working life and she gets a $90,000.00 a year pension and I worked in the private sector for forty some years before getting sick and have no pension and made a middle income under $48,000.00 all my retirement savings were wiped out first by paying off student loans and second by having a pre-existing slapped on me and going into medical debt.  I love my friend but why should I as a taxpayer be paying taxes to give someone else a king's salary for a pension while they want to take my SS and Medicare away?  It just makes my head swim.

    I think a lot of our tax dollars are also going to pay big government pensions and that isn't fair when it is rare for anyone in the private sector to have a pension and only be stuck with a 401K that is robbed at least four times before you retire on what Wall Street hasn't stole from you.

    "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolution­ary act. " George Orwell

    by zaka1 on Thu Apr 19, 2012 at 12:03:44 AM PDT

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