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View Diary: White House warns Republicans against recreating debt limit hostage crisis (78 comments)

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  •  Let's make a group here "Dems with Spines" (1+ / 0-)
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    and offer diaries which highlight actions by Dems reflecting latent or emerging spininess.  

    We need to encourage the now recessive political gene for the sort of spine that was able to lead a nation through New Deal, World War II, the record GDP growth and low unemployment of JFK/LBJ (plus passage of Civil Rights), Truman, Clinton and yes, even Jimmy Carter (who also helped reverse the nuclear arms race).  

    We should be proud that the economy and national unemployment improved under Carter more than under Reagan, Eisenhower, Nixon/Ford, or either Bush The First or Bush Junior.  Justices appointed by these presidents did make key decisions improving our liberty, strengthening rights, holding corporations accountable, establishing fair treatment and requiring equatable support in the schools and workplaces or minorities, women and children. LBJ had his faults and was en-snarled by Viet Nam, but his vision of The Great Society is something worth recovering today.

    Job Creation and the growth of the middle class and a secure working class happens only when the national wealth is fairly distributed, when business regulation and tax policies promote domestic production and high employment, when medical care is accessible and affordable, when bankruptcy laws and consumer protections benefit the average person, so we can work at living wages under fair labor laws, and can afford to buy necessities, afford schooling, afford retirement, buy and maintain homes and transportation, and have access to unfiltered news.

    We need to have the courage, demand the respect, to represent Americans Who Want A Fair World, who and peace, justice and equal opportunity, who want anyone tossed from a job to not starve, to not rendered homeless or lack health care, but to have the chance to obtain the help needed to regain employment.  If we aren't proud enough to want every American to have this Fair Chance to survive and have the security to try again at the American Dream, we don't deserve to be called Americans.  We don't need the threat of starvation and homelessness in order to want to succeed and create a better world for ourselves and our children.  We just need a real fighting chance to try.

    If we don't try to be the most fair, generous, and strongly democratic people in the world, we are failing the real American exceptionalism - daring to form and hold a truly accountable, balanced and democratic society and government, in spite of what the wealthiest tyrants and their proxies intend for us, in the face of global challenges, and want it reflected in our neighborhoods, school, libraries, public lands and community places, and workplaces.  What makes Americans great is wanting justice and peaceful opportunities to succeed for everyone, where the code of national civility and tolerance allows for honoring treaties with our original American Indians, respecting cultural differences and diversity, tolerance of church, temple, mosque, coven, and have the right to stand on a corner and admit one is agnostic or athiest without concern any other American would make a physical attack in response or organize economic reprisal and discrimination.  

    The American Opportunity for workers should be simple: if you come in, do your job fairly, maintain civility and advocate for justice in the workplace, even working with others as a union to ensure the rights of all workers are covered by fair contracts, you should expect living wage and benefits in return, and fair treatment.  If you're a 'whistle-blower' revealing shocking malfeasance the government should support and work to reward you, not imprison you in solitary.  Without the ability to reveal the bad, dark and ugly secrets, and to get the wrongs addressed in courts and addressed in effective public policy and wise executive action, we cannot reach (and then maintain) our national goal of a transparent,  fair and just democracy--which is our truest defense and security against the encroachments of tyranny.  It is the minimum defense against tyranny and corruption to defend and uphold those daring to speak the truth of corruption and misdeeds which the powerful would resist and repress, without mercy if allowed.  We do not want government drowned in a bath tub.  We want our public pooling of democratic governance, authority and power to helps us all achieve great things, and to remain a transparent pool, reliable, clear of corruption, and welcoming to all.

    Democratic Party candidates and incumbents - just show me this sort of spine, and you'll have my unrelenting evangelistic support, financial donations and many hours of activism. Make the course corrections to get us on track to be a Great Society again.  Shut down the insane apparatus of domestic spying, digital tracking and infiltration of Americans who are assembling and associating under Constitutional rights and rights to privacy.  

    Bring to account the liars and manipulators taking us to extraordinarily expensive wars with Iraq, Afghanistan, and possibly Iran, and pursue those who may be guilty of war crimes.  Bring to account the Wall Street manipulators whose hedge fund machinations have been taking our homes, small business properties, destroying our public schools and libraries, ripped off our pensions, crushed our investments and exported our jobs.  Bring to account the oil industry captains whose operational policies are responsible for the poisoning of our planet's waterways, air and lands.  

    Let's not deplore and whine that schools are failing but find out why our nation, states and municipalities are not doing enough to help all our schools succeed and change that.  Let's expand Leave no Child Behind to Leave No Public School District Behind. Ensure community public schools have the funding, professional staffing, resources and security to succeed.  If you want to apply standardized testing that's effective, then test and evaluate the state and local political agents responsible for educational policy and resource allocation.  Test the School Boards of every community's districts to verify whether they are doing the best possible for their schools and students and enabling teachers to help every student meet and exceed expectations.  The teachers and staff shouldn't be working in constant fear of their jobs.  The school board and state agencies should be.  If you want to stand up for our students and schools you need to sit on the school boards and make them work harder than they've ever worked before.  Funding schools through property taxation ends up forcing communities to bid the future of their students against retaining or gaining some commercial investments.  A uniform tax policy to fund public education needs to be required of each state to end this cynical economic selling of our children's futures to 'attract and retain business'.

    When life gives you wingnuts, make wingnut butter!

    by antirove on Thu Apr 19, 2012 at 09:19:30 AM PDT

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