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View Diary: Will AT&T Do A Komen And Ruin Its Brand By Hurting Workers? (9 comments)

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    It won't be the Company that suffers from the strike, if it happens.  It will be the customers.  Because their contracts all have disclaimers written in that relieve AT&T of liability to provide ANYTHING if hit by "circumstances beyond our control" -- and strikes are always part of those clauses.

    It there's a strike, any service AT&T continues to provide by using managers and strikebreakers are at its own discretion.  It doesn't have to do a thing.  Customers have no recourse for the failure of service and can go bark up a tree.

    I'm not saying something shouldn't be done.  However it looks like the ONLY actor with sufficient power to put down this mad dog is the Federal Government, probably acting through the FCC.  If, that is, AT&T doesn't already own them.

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