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  •  In a more civilized country, he would have (10+ / 0-)

    had other options.

    Our nation treats the chronically ill, especially the chronically in pain ill terribly - withholding pain medication which could alleviate suffering because someone, somewhere, is a drug addict...

    When a person is in pain, day after day after day, and pain medications are available and doctors won't prescribe them for fear of an out-of-control DEA pulling their medical license (which I know for a fact to be true, because the physician I used to work for told me it was why he refused to prescribe any narcotics)...

    I find that situation inhumane, to say the least.

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    I like paying taxes...with them, I buy Civilization
    -- SCOTUS Justice O.W. Holmes Jr.
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    "A Better World is Possible"
    -- #Occupy

    by Angie in WA State on Thu Apr 19, 2012 at 07:23:01 PM PDT

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