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  •  Analysis of pay at Cigna (3+ / 0-)
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    For those comp nerds among you, or Cigna members or shareholders, you might be interested in this.  CtW Investment Group is calling on shareholders to vote against Cigna’s advisory vote on pay and send the board a message: Cigna’s executive pay structure is broken. This year Cigna execs benefitted from the fact that even people with insurance apparently couldn't afford to see their doctors as much. Here's a linke to the letter to Cigna shareholders and a longer analysis of pay, both of which were also filed at the SEC, and and at  

    It has gotten some press coverage, also linked below:
    “Rise in Insurer CEO Incentive Pay Could Trigger Backlash Amid Premium Hikes (with Chart: Total Compensation for Health Plan CEOs in 2011), AIS Health,  April 13
    r Cigna customers,

    Would love to do a diary just on this, but utterly swamped right now.

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