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  •  One of my major pet peeves is ... (5+ / 0-)
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    the idiotic idea that some successful people were "self-made."  I myself started at the bottom with NO chance of getting a college education.  I wound up a full professor at a state university, through hard work it is true, but also through being given a chance by a very helpful Dean of Student Affairs, several professors, both of my graduate advisors and my committee members and numerous people along the way who gave me a chance.  Nobody gave me anything without my working for it, but I would not have succeeded but for these people.  

    Obama is just pointing to a reality - we ALL have help of some sort to allow us to succeed.  We don't always think of it or acknowledge it, but we need other people.  The only "self-made" person is one who builds their own house from scratch with tools they made themselves, makes their own roads, produces their own food from seeds they have acquired from nature and animals they have caught with snares they invented themselves and have totally home-schooled their children with books written by themselves.  They are their own firefighters and police and clean up their own messes.  If you don't like civilization vote Republican!

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