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View Diary: Deadbeat dad Joe Walsh no longer deadbeat dad (103 comments)

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    1.  He only paid off the ex-wife because he had to do that to have any chance of winning re-election.
    2.  He said Obama was only elected because he is black.
    3.  He said that if he was elected he would never take the "government" health care ..... until he won and then of course he did because he said it was a financial necessity.
    4.  He belittles the service of Tammy Duckworth.
    5.  He yells at his constituents during Town Hall meetings and informal gatherings at bars.
    6.  And this:  

    "Duckworth, who is trying to unseat tea partier Walsh, says she isn’t concerned that Republicans may have been disenfranchised by the remap.

    “If you talk about disenfranchisement, talk about all the people who voted for Joe Walsh who then turned around and said he didn’t go to Washington to serve his constituency, he went to Washington to be a poster child for the Tea Party–his exact words,” said Duckworth. “That’s disenfranchisement of your constituents.”

    7.  My search of the internet surprisingly did not turn up any postive info about Rep. Walsh.  Maybe that says it better than anything else.

    The woman with the maroon hair had fallen to her knees and was asking the sky, “What I done wrong, God? Tell me, Lord. I been good.” “You’re kneeling on Rex’s grave!” Ignatius shouted.

    by gracielove on Thu Apr 19, 2012 at 12:12:42 PM PDT

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