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  •  no intention to repeal Roe vs Wade (0+ / 0-)

    I think the Bishops are beginning to realize how badly they were hoodwinked by conservatives and the Republican Party.

    "The truth of the matter", as conservative eminences love to repeat on the Sunday morning talk shows,  is that the GOP does not now and never did have the slightest intention of repealing Roe vs. Wade.  None whatsoever.

    Conservative leaders believe in power and dominance.  Money is what you need to acquire posew and sex is one of the rewards.  Morality is strictly for useful idiots.

    Sure, they will enact all sorts of limits and hurdles, but those are for forms' sake, and to remind wimin just who is in charge here, and because they like to be cruel.  See how mean we can be to poor wimin, just think what we might do to you.

    I believe the Catholic heirarchy was promised something in the way of end to abortion in return for delivering the traditionalist Catholic voters without whom the GOP, in just about any district outside the Deep South, can't win elections.  And I think they are finally realizing they were played for fools.

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