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  •  It's either Stockholm Syndrome... (9+ / 0-)

    or abject cowardice that leads to the silence. Perhaps it's just case-by-case.

    So are those who know better quiet because they've come to identify with their Tea-bagger captors or because they fear their wrath?

    I suppose the third option is it's a pragmatic silence maintained to avoid political death by election. But even that logic is so flawed it's laughable.

    John McCain didn't lose the election because he took the microphone from and contradicted that nutty lady at his town hall meeting who called Obama an "Arab."

    To the contrary, he lost the election for any number of reasons ranging from his campaign's ineptitude to a lack of ideas to facing a far superior opponent.

    Enjoy this brief moment of decency embedded below. I don't expect we'll see much of that in the next seven months.

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