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  •  I watched perhaps 2 episodes of "Firing Line." (3+ / 0-)
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    cka, elwior, blueoasis

    One was because the Whiffenpoofs were guests and I just wanted to hear them sing. He spoke with three of them afterwards. They were just kids and didn't have much to say, but that didn't stop Mr. F'Buckley (as Ernestine would say) from uttering things lke "mutatis mutaaaaaaaaaaandis." To his credit, he penned an intro to a book of the order of "Using Latin for Fun and Profit," and started with "I don't know why they asked me to write this."

    The other was "Resolved: the death penalty is a good thing." Guests included the assistant state's attorney of Georgia (who looked like her jaw could bite through a steel pipe) and some weakling who never failed to be gender-inclusive: "Heorshe should....hisorher....." WFB had learned a new word, "sprung," and used it over and over, e.g. "When the perp gets spruuuuuung." Blech and double-blech.

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