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View Diary: John Raese sticks to his guns: Anti-smoking laws are just like the Holocaust (87 comments)

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  •  Fact check: Raese is not a Senate candidate from (9+ / 0-)

    West Virginia and he is not a Morgantown industrialist. He lives in Florida. He does own the local news rag here in Morgantown, but that doesn't make him an industrialist. He just inherited a bunch of money.

    Every few years he drops by West Virginia to run for office and gets his ass handed to him in a sling. He can buy the Republican nomination for any office he wants, but he can't buy the general election. We may be hicks here in West Virginia, but we aren't complete idiots.

    •  Let's face it (1+ / 0-)
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      Andrew F Cockburn

      In many respects, West Virginia has been trending blue to red for decades.

      Things would be far worse for progressives there if the Republican machine didn't have to waste so much of their time and resources serving as John Raese's personal ego stroking machine.  I suppose democrats owe him a 'thank you' and the job won't be any easier when Raese  finally wanders off the public stage (if that ever happens)

      But West Virginia voters have been consistent about one thing over the last 30 years or so: When John Raese is on the ballot, they vote for the other guy.

      I know it sounds crazy (and its nearly impossible thanks to Manchin's latest horse shit) but this is an opportunity.  Romney can't relate to West Virginians, Obama can.  The punchlines linking Romney to Raese write themselves.  And at this point generations of West Virginians vote against Raese as a reflex action unworthy of the least consideration.

      Challenge for WV.  If not now, when?

      •  Manchin's latest statement was idiotic. But last (0+ / 0-)

        week he was strongly supporting the Buffett tax.

        I suspect that West Virginians are not going to enamored by Romney. The state has been looted by generations of absentee landlords like Raese and Romney. People here are socially conservative and concerned about government spending, but they aren't thrilled about ultra rich princelings either. It is also a very old state, so attacks on Medicare and Social Security are poison.

        That said, I doubt that Obama can win here. The state is 95% white, older, rural, and less educated than the rest of the country. That is pretty much the opposite of the Obama demographic.

        We will work on winning the down ticket races. Currently all of our state wide offices and both houses of the legislature are Democrat. We have some good Democrats and some not so good, but they are all better than nutcases like Raese.

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