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  •  I love being a teacher. I am a fourth generation (1+ / 0-)
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    teacher with my great grandmother with a short career, both grandparents on my mom's side, several aunts, my mom, sister, wife, her brother and sisters, and cousins, and into the next generation being teachers. I am sad that my sons have not done so, but I think in their future both might teach.

    That being said, everyone of these people talked about the challenges to teachers. Most of it had to do with the lack of respect from xx, and xx changed over time. My mother was dead set against me being a teacher, and she had 3 of my favorite high school teachers write me letters to convince me not to go into the profession. My dad even offered to pay for some college classes if I changed my major.

    Even after all of that, I planned to teach for a short while then go to law school. However, I love teaching. :)

    Let me also say that I don't have pacing guides. My administration rarely demands that I teach to pacing guides or for a purpose outside of my students. I am lucky. It is one of the reasons I have never left the tiny rural school I have been at for 25 years. (We have 875 students k-12) I also get to teach 4 or 5 classes a year, so I see most of our students. I get the lowest ability students in my beginning writing and communication classes. I get the highest ability students in my College classes.

     Teacherken, I hope our professional gets you back. Too many good teachers leave. I have been fighting with the administration more this year. I have been frustrated and argued with some of their choices. For my efforts to speak for kids, I was reprimanded severely. It took me a couple of weeks to recover, but I can't see any other way to act.

    During my career, I have thought of doing other things. I was even recruited by a business once. I served in the Iowa legislature. Through it all, I knew that I was a teacher. As I look at early retirement in 3 years, I wonder  what I will do.

    No matter what happens, I know that I will always be a teacher, and that I love being a teacher.

    Teacherken, thanks for the wonderful diary. It reminds me of all the students who still remember me. Facebook has allowed me to watch them grow as not only students but parents facing the same difficulties that they put their parents through a generation ago.

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