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View Diary: Can Obama TRUMP CITIZENS UNITED with an EXECUTIVE ORDER? (12 comments)

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  •  Please. Let's not encourage (1+ / 0-)
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    The Angry Architect

    governance by presidential fiat.  I disapprove of signing statements, dispute their constitutionality because if they are in fact, constitutional, then any law passed by Congress can simply be altered, modified, edited, enacted in pieces, or not at all, nullified and forever changed, by presidential declaration.

    If, however, that was what was intended when our government (you know the one formed to act for the common good and promote the general welfare...yeah!  That one!) was formed, then the Constitution would be considerably shorter, consisting only of Article II and nothing else.

    As it is, we have 535 corporate puppets in Congress, the banksters' best friend in the WH and an overtly politicized SCOTUS.  The entire government is bought and paid for and NOT by we, the people.

    Executive orders are as odious as the rest of the lot, perhaps worse, because they are dictatorial.

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