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  •  William DeWeese is Mitch Ryder's real name ... (3+ / 0-)
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    ... the Rivieras from Detroit couldn't put out the records they were making with Bob Crewe in New York because there was already a group called The Rivieras (California Sun), and nobody wanted to get sued.

    The story goes (according to Rhino Records): Billy DeWeese and Crewe looked through the NYC phone book and brainstormed the name Mitch "Ryder" + Detroit "Wheels."
    If it's true, they did it early-on because their first record includes the backup singers doing "see Mitch Ryder" instead of "see see rider."

    What I saw and heard in those days:
    The Wheels boasted one of the finest drummers on two continents in Johnny B, and a lead guitarist named Jim McCarty who was second to nobody when it came to presence and speed -- he later stood-in for Jeff Beck with Bogart and Appice when Cactus first formed, because Beck was seriously injured in an auto accident.

    Unfortunately, Ryder's voice wore down in the course of his sojourn on top -- he didn't have the vocal training of say, Wilson Pickett, to sustain the full-out dynamics of those arrangements.

    Me and my peer group had zero idea about Mitch Ryder's orientation -- our dads thought ALL rockers were gay in the mid-60's, though.

    The economy didn't just crash under a Republican president, it crashed under Republican policies. It crashed with low taxes.

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