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    Hi Kamrom
    I am sorry you are having a frustrating day.  I get those a lot too, especially in the last year.  I would never intentionally want to make someone’s life harder.   Lately, I feel like everyone is against me and I am defending myself against the world too…Kinda a David and Goliath thing.  I never use to get upset or show any form of intolerance at computer glitches or any daily frustrations…..But, because no one has bothered to talk to me, to tell me what is going on or just be there?  Me against the world…kind of thing!  I never know if someone intentionally making (trying) to make everything I do harder so they can laugh and mock at me.  It is very hard to be in my position….Never knowing, the things that go wrong around you…are they the attempts for someone else’s amusement at my expense?     Because from my view that is what this world is all about!  There just so many daily experiences that change when there is a lack of trust and you feel like everyone in the universe is against you for purposes of entertainment …, if this commit is towards me…and you are my guardian for the day…..Guardian’s from the past have been very brutal and disruptive…especially when such as my printer doesn’t work all of a sudden and I have 20 minutes to scan something or I won’t get paid for another month (when I am out of money)….just little things like that…so, please help us to understand each other…when there are no words spoken for over a year…and from my view….I see no one either!   I am sorry if I added any extra exasperation to your life….It would sure help us both…If someone would talk to me…Don’t you think?  Then I could trust you…and know you are there for protection and not disruption and laughter.

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