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  •  Some quick googling (4+ / 0-)
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    brought this up:

    The over one-year (at least in my area) shortage happened as the manufacturer transitioned from the old latex to new silicone diaphragms, and suppliers everywhere began backordering this important barrier contraceptive.

    I called Ortho today, and was informed that the new diaphragms have been available for a few months now. I checked with my local pharmacy, and they advised me they could get a size 75 within 24 hours. At online pharmacies, diaphragms sell for $40 to $50. You’ll need to restock spermacidal gel at a price of about $15 a tube (good for 30 or so uses).

    This is from 2010, but while I do think there is a war on contraception for women right now, it seems there may be other forces at work here (including the fact that you need to order one in your specific size). Also, your doctor sounds pretty uninformed and unhelpful, imo.

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