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View Diary: Supreme Court to review first-sale doctrine in copyright law (214 comments)

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    Anyone hoping to express an opinion on copyright policy, how it should be conceptualized, and its purpose and role in society, should regard this speech by Thomas Babington Macaulay as REQUIRED READING.

    He hits all the major points, describes what copyright is and why it must be handled so delicately, touches on all the major arguments proffered by "content owners" and handily demolishes them, and elucidates a conceptual framework in which to think about copyright and consider its pros and cons.

    But what makes Macaulay's speech so amazing, so insightful, and so utterly riveting, is that it was delivered in England's House of Commons over 170 years ago!

    Read it.  It will be among the most rewarding 40 minutes of your life.

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