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View Diary: Fox News Apparently Fabricated Obama's "Silver Spoon" Quote (99 comments)

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  •  It is remarkable how the Fox and Friends crew (11+ / 0-)

    can lie so effortlessly about Obama.

    I was on work-cation last week, and while downstairs eating my continental breakfast, Fox and Friends was on TV.

    All they ever talked about is Solyndra and Hilary Rosen, a story about a week dead in the sane part of the media world.

    My favorite line was in reference to energy jobs and how the president wants to expand wind energy.  Doocy said something to the effect of "Wind has lost 10,000 jobs while oil has gained 40,000.  Which one should we double down on?"

    There you have it, effortlessly blaming Obama for the actions of rightwing governors like Walker in the pocket of oil companies who are trying to kill wind energy.

    My theory is that RMoney sucks so bad that they really have to gin up Obama-hate to get "their guy" elected.

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