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View Diary: GOP seeks to privatize American infrastructure with taxpayer backed guaranteed corporate profits (68 comments)

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  •  Hear, hear! Sam Seder & The Majority Report rocks! (3+ / 0-)
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    Voodoo, Simplify, Matt Z

    When I first heard his podcast, I listened to the free version and I thought: "Wow this is great!"  Then I listened again and the 2nd show was just as good as the 1st. I continued listening and I thought, "All of these shows can't be this good, no way anyone can pull this off 5 days a week." But I'll be dammed, Sam Seder does!

    At that point, I felt guilty for not being a paid member so I signed up. It's been worth every penny and then some.  I also really enjoy the convenience of it, unlike a traditional radio show where you have to listen at a certain time on a certain station or you miss it, with The Majority Report, you just download it and listen whenever and wherever want.   It's a political nerd's dream :0)

    Well behaved women rarely make history.

    by IamNotaKochsucker on Tue Apr 24, 2012 at 12:46:26 PM PDT

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