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  •  To this day Gore pisses me off (1+ / 0-)
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    because he didn't have the bxlls to stand tall and make the situation and the vote count in Florida and SCOTUS decision a real crisis issue for the USA,   and demand an observed statewide re-vote at the very least.    We deserved it.    Our elections shouldn't be about being a nice guy.  

    Gore caved in and the country lost and it continues to lose to this very day with the aftermath of 9-11.    

    The second and almost most important failure of our government was Nancy Pelosi taking the impeachment of Bush off the table.     It wasn't her authority to take impeachment off the table.     The investigation was direly needed to put Bush in his place and prevent future Presidents from becoming dictators.  

    Victims of bigotry are the poorest, least influential members of society.......never the wealthiest, most educated, most overrepresented in high levels, and most influential. Bigotry hurts the least influential. To claim or say otherwise is absurd.

    by dailykozzer on Tue Apr 24, 2012 at 04:55:23 PM PDT

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