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View Diary: First Nations News & Views: Eliz. Warren, UN Special Rapporteur, Indian energy, Apache skaters (13) (127 comments)

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  •  Wonderful diary, superb series. (8+ / 0-)

    Or is it superb diary, wonderful series?

    I wish I were still teaching, since each one you upload is so full of good information--present-day news, history, and CONTEXT, always context.

    This time I especially appreciate your discussion, MB, about "appearance" and its (lack of) significance when determining tribal affiliation. This is something that I became aware of to my own chagrin many years ago, when I was quick to make similar judgments. I'm grateful to you for continuing to make the effort to educate.

    The importance of culture and connection is impossible to overstate, and yet whenever the question of Indian identity comes up, in mainstream white Am. culture the conversation devolves to appearance, again and again.
    Perhaps it's because so many--perhaps most, I can't say--light-skinned European-Americans don't have direct experience of having a wide range of skin colors and other phenotypical features within their families. I don't know. It's a loss to have such a limited world-view & understanding of how real families exist.

    But I am continually impressed by the breadth of topics that you address in this series. I salute you, MB and navajo, for all your skill and dedication in compiling this invaluable resource. Thank you for doing it.

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