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View Diary: AP Reports on Christian Right Child Sex Abuse Scandal (115 comments)

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  •  In the early '80's, I was a member of Women (7+ / 0-)

    Against Rape in my community.  The "estimates" then were 1/4 girls/women, and 1/7 boys/men.  That's what...30 years ago?  

    And we were sure that rape was very under-reported.  The stats for children were even worse; no-one wanted to talk about it.

    We developed an elementary school age seminar or presentation with role playing, etc. to help kids learn how to deal with "stranger danger", and also to try to give kids an opening to reveal anything that felt bad/scary in their lives.  

    At that time we also knew that more than half of rapes are comitted by someone a woman knows, and slightly over half are comitted in her own home.
    We ran self-defense classes for women, too.

    So yeah, I damn well believe those numbers are wrong - they are very likely too low.

    Great evil has been done on earth by people who think they have all the answers. - Lynn W Andrews 1987

    by Spirit of Life on Tue Apr 24, 2012 at 09:33:37 AM PDT

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