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  •  The Big Lie --- U.S. Has Highest Corp Tax Rate (0+ / 0-)

    What bullshit!  We don't have the highest corporate tax rate in the World because we have various deductions, carry forwards and carry backs that go along with our high tax rate.

    The U.S. Has a Low Corporate Tax: Don’t Believe the Hype about Japan’s Corporate Tax Rate Reduction

    America has one of the lowest corporate income taxes of any developed country, but you wouldn’t know it given the hysteria of corporate lobbying outfits like the Business Roundtable. They say that because Japan lowered its corporate tax rate by a few percentage points on April 1, the U.S. now has the most burdensome corporate tax in the world.

    The problem with this argument is that large, profitable U.S. corporations only pay about half of the 35 percent corporate tax rate on average, and most U.S. multinational corporations actually pay higher taxes in other countries. So the large majority of Americans who tell pollsters that they want U.S. corporations to pay more in taxes are onto something.

    The U.S. Has a Low Corporate Tax

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    Citizens For Tax Justice Report

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