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  •  Actually, time is on our side. Reality's liberal (1+ / 0-)
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    bias (wonderful observation/comment by Stephen Colbert) is working behind the scenes.  The times they are a-changing.

    We are on the brink of changes every bit as big as those of the '60s.  Climate change--we can still mitigate, but cannot now stop it.  It's happening and undeniable. People are waking up and taking up their grievances all over the world. Even here.  

    The old vulture (or more accurately vampire) capitalism is on its way out. And those who fatten on it are in panic. Panic is an interesting word--the unreasoning primitive fear induced by Pan. Or to put it in a more feminine perspective, by Mother Nature.

    It is going to be a rough ride, but the old hierarchal ways are going over the cliff. Celebration of obscene selfishness is in its last fetid flowering.

    Meanwhile, take care of yourself. Take time out to escape for a few hours with a fun novel, a walk, anything just for a good break.  Best wishes to you and all working for a better world.

    "'s difficult to imagine what else Republicans can do to drive women away in 2012, unless they decide to bring back witch-hanging. And I wouldn't put it past them." James Wolcott

    by Mayfly on Tue Apr 24, 2012 at 10:39:36 AM PDT

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