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View Diary: Sean Hannity: Americans don't go to bed hungry, because rice and beans are cheap (231 comments)

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  •   a lot have already responded to this (5+ / 0-)

    But, tv's are cheap to be had, used ones that work can be found at thrift shops, garage sales, if you look hard enough you might score one for free or just a few dollars.  Or one that needs only minor repair that if you have a few skills you can have it up and running for a few bucks.

    And as some people pointed out, people who are poor now might not have been poor five or six years ago when they had actual jobs, or at least a job that paid a decent wage, and their television might be a holdover from that time.

    Of course, in Hannity's mind, obviously they should pawn the television for cash, which given that used televisions don't bring that much scratch probably wouldn't even pay your electricity bill.

    I would love to see one of the douchebags volunteer to take part in an experiment where they are given a low-paying job (wouldn't Hannity look good in a Burger King uniform?), put them into a cheap apartment, and have to live the life for a month - or even better, for at least two.  Give them a simulated family they have to support too, maybe a couple of kids (not real ones, I wouldn't subject real children to having to live with someone like Hannity) just put mannequins around the apartment and give them envelopes every day on what's happening to them -- "This morning little Jimmy is throwing up and is running a temperature.  Your work doesn't provide health insurance.  What do you do?"

    Make Hannity or some other of his ilk live the life for a month or so, see how he does.

    Hell, lets do it to a few members of Congress, too.  Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor could be roomies while they work.

    •  If you read "Nickel and Dimed" you'll see that (4+ / 0-)
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      that experiment really doesn't work, because those who take part know that it's only temporary. They don't fear a minor emergency totally wiping them out. They don't fear how their children will fare living in that environment. They probably won't have to worry about mice or roaches. You have to believe this is real, and there's no way out. Then you'll get it.

      Your left is my right---Mort Sahl

      by HappyinNM on Sun Apr 29, 2012 at 09:24:55 AM PDT

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