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View Diary: What's Wrong With This Picture Of President And Mrs. Obama? Or: MacDaffy's Facebook Follies (87 comments)

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  •  They have become completely unglued... (1+ / 0-)
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    milkbone their hatred of the Black man in the White House. Let's just all offer smirking ironic praise to the secular non-gods that they can be properly re-oriented in one of our many extremely secret (but rather plush!) FEMA camps dotted across the soon-to-be Socialist "America". I'm most excited about the new EB (End Bigotry) protocol, the one where after a series of almost painless injections, their skin pigmentation will darken permanently to any number of Liberally-named tints from "Mocha Latte" all the way to "Christmas Charcoal". I'm also smugly curious about the "Undertaking" microchips! Supposedly they'll all shit their pants whenever they see a confederate flag as one of the many excellent side features! So hilarious! It will be wonderful to have our comrades back from their flirtation with inhumanity.

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