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  •  Do you think it would work with our side? (none)
    That kind of thing works well only with those who are incapable of critical thinking.  Our side tends to pick everything apart and analyze it from every side.  Or are you thinking of getting a few of the nonthinkers on our side?  After all, a vote is a vote...
    •  Twain said it best (none)
      "People get their politics where they get their cornpone."

      I think he's right, it explains a lot about why grassroots politics of any kind works.  They get their politics where they encounter it in their daily life, they don't search it out.  Right now, the only politic thought they find in their cornpone comes from the right.  We have serious cath-up to do, and it will take some time, as their paradigms have set root--as the response showed.  But unless we get in the cornpone and stay in the cornpone, people will never hear our politics at all.

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