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View Diary: If Unions are Anti-Capitalism, then why do you call them Greedy? (60 comments)

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    Capitalism is not bad. Corporate feudalists are bad.

    Capitalism tempered with socialism is not a bad thing. Socialism on its own is as bad or worse than naked capitalism.

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      The point is whether an economic system is capable of providing the goods and services that people need to survive and raise a new generation.

      Capitalism has, as did feudalism before it, done a historically adequate job. However, the time when capitalism adequately fulfilled humanity's needs is fast slipping away.

      What you call "[c]apitalism tempered with socialism" is better known as social democracy, a compromise that capitalists can reach with workers when times are good and there are a few crumbs to pass down. That compromise is fast slipping away, too, along with capitalism.

      We cannot win a war crime - Dancewater, July 27, 2008

      by unclejohn on Thu Apr 26, 2012 at 05:47:47 PM PDT

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