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View Diary: If Unions are Anti-Capitalism, then why do you call them Greedy? (60 comments)

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    I mis-spoke. I did bring up socialism. But he introduced the idea that I should "give back" a bunch of things I never mentioned, changed the nature of the thread, treated my post in an accusatory way, and used socialism to insult me:

    You have bought into the extreme right wing framing
    And insulted America as well.
    in the typically fundamentalist American manner.
    I responded in kind. And was nicer about it, frankly.
    •  Please note: I thot about it and did not HR. (0+ / 0-)

      But, of course, cannot take back my post. So I apologize for that.

      However, I still think the term "moronic" was not needed.

      Other than that, I believe you made a good argument for mixed economy.

      Those of us who are Socialist do not appreciate being called names, even indirectly.

      Altho, since I've been a Socialist for 43 yrs, since age 19, I'm well used to being called every name in the book as well as threatened with physical violence.

      Yet, as shop steward, I was the first one my fellow workers called on when they were in trouble. Even my rt-wing fellow workers.

      Go figure.

      Solidarity Forever, for the Union makes us strong.-Ralph Chaplin, 1915

      by JayRaye on Thu Apr 26, 2012 at 08:35:08 AM PDT

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