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    My initial sense was that a Buddhist approach would suggest that the brother's practice would lead him to not have attachment to the wrong he'd felt he'd suffered and would also leave him not clinging to the fatted calf offered up.  instead, the father's approach of offering love to his son (as to all beings) without clinging to the illusions of past ideas speaks of wisdom and unattachment.

    Interestingly enough, teh intertoobz have given up another parable of a prodigal son told by Buddha in the Mahayana tradition  The facts are a little different, in that there is no jealous brother, but instead it is about the great efforts of the (now rich and powerful father) to reach his poor and beddragled son who is in a very submissive state.  Rather than bringning him home in much pomp in circumstance, he brings him slowly along a path of finally coming into his own inheritance.  Thus, this tale is much about the mechanism of the eightfold path, I suppose.  Bit by bit, we go.

    I liked this closing piece:

    The Buddha, knowing that our minds delighted in inferior things, by his tactfulness taught according to our capacity, but still we did not perceive that we are really Buddha's sons.
    That is, the teaching is always designed to be appropriate to the place one is in.

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