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  •  the prodigal son already got his share (4+ / 0-)

    He took his share early which he eas not supposed to do and had a great time with parties, wine and women and then when it was all gone he had no friends, no job, no home.  SO he had to come back because he had nothing. And his father forgave him,

    •  Father to older brother: "All I have is yours" (7+ / 0-)

      The younger brother wasn't going to get more land. What he got was readmission to the family.

      I once listened to a teen-aged recent convert speak about this parable. He said that at first he thought he was the younger brother, because of all the sins he'd committed before he became a believer. But then he realized that his resentment of longer time believers who seemed to hold their faith so lightly meant that he was really the older brother: judgmental and feeling that God shouldn't forgive these people who know better & still sin!

      Most of the parables end with us knowing the choices that everyone made & how it turned out. This one ends on a cliff hanger. Will the older brother forgive & return to the party? That's our choice & Jesus leaves us to ponder what we'd do.

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