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  •  Your provocative title... (10+ / 0-)

    ... snagged me in to read a great story. :)

    I had not considered the story of the Prodigal Son as the brother representing the right wing attitude about someone getting something they think that person doesn't deserve. Excellent observation and great story. Really.

    Like you, I, and everyone I know who get this story are all liberals. What I learned was that God the Father, like the father in this story, is SO HAPPY when you come back to Him, he's willing to throw a party. woohoo! YOU'RE HOME! I know that feeling, trust me, I do. :) And in His infinite love, He is willing to forgive.

    Your story mentions that one of the ladies asks about incentive, what incentive does someone have to do good? I like what you said, living the virtuous life is its own reward. As I read this I was thinking about how I have such a huge problem with many "born again" Christians. I'm Catholic, and my experience has been one of derision from born agains that I'm going to hell because they generally do not like Catholics - some don't even consider us Christian! And the self righteousness that THEY'RE going to heaven and YOU'RE NOT! It just seems like so many I have met (not all, I'm not saying all born again Christians are like this) have this attitude that they just said one prayer one time and BAM!  They're in. I've always wondered, "Where's the incentive there?"

    Another thing to mention, and or ask, these ladies is, if they had fallen, if they had become the prodigal son, wouldn't they have wanted God the Father to accept them home too? Identifying with the virtuous brother says a lot about them, that they feel they are righteous and virtuous yet, when most likely, they're really the prodigal son in various areas of their life.

    Great diary! I enjoyed the story. Thank you for posting.

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