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    No one gets out alive

    A rather shallow interpretation you're making here:

    The story illustrates how conservatives are obsessed with other people getting what they supposedly do not deserve.
    NOT TRUE.  They are fine with people getting things they do not deserve.  They just don't like the downtrodden getting what they don't deserve.

    You need look no further than the obsession with which they have pursued the Bush tax cuts, the persistence with which they oppose the Buffet rule.  The sanguinity with which they let corporate buddies in high places like Blackwater and KBR get rich off no-bid contracts.  

    Who were the brothers of the prodigal sons in those cases?  Blackwater in particular, for example, was started by the son or nephew-in-law of the DeVos family clan, the DeVoses being traditional heavy artillery of the Republican Party going back decades.  

    I actually met Dick DeVos at an RNC rally in Orange County California back in 1981, when I was still a Republican.  It took me years to realize just how well his investment had paid off.

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