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View Diary: White House issues CISPA veto threat (39 comments)

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  •  The President will gain support by making (6+ / 0-)

    good on this threat.


    Look forward to seeing him really do that......  

    We have to do our part though, I agree.

    To borrow the Home Depot slogan, Mr. President, 'you can do it, we can help' by educating friends and family by posting the following link on Facebook

    Oppose CISPA and Unfettered Access to Americans' Internet Activity
    Congress is preparing to soon vote on the Cybersecurity Information Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). This broad legislation would give the government, including military spy agencies, unprecedented powers to snoop through people's personal information — medical records, private emails, financial information — all without a warrant, proper oversight or limits. Help stop it.

    To Members of Congress:

    I oppose any cybersecurity legislation that allows companies to share sensitive and private information with military agencies, including the National Security Agency. It is a long-standing American value that our military does not operate on US soil against American citizens.

    I strongly urge you to uphold this very important limitation and not allow the NSA unfettered access to Americans' internet activity.


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