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View Diary: Mitt Romney doesn't want to talk about his record as governor (39 comments)

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    If you recall, throughout 2011, more than any other detail on his résumé, Romney was touting his time at Bain as his primary strength and attribute, and he was repeatedly claiming to have created 100,000 jobs while at Bain.  And Romney and his campaign were laying the ground work of portraying any criticism of his work at Bain as an attack on the free market itself.

    For the most part, much of the media was going along with this narrative.  But what the media and the Romney campaign didn't expect was that Romney's GOP rivals would attack Romney with populist arguments.  All it took to send Romney's campaign spinning is for Gingrich and Perry to delve into Romney's record at Bain and say that the plutocrat has no clothes.

    If you remember, perhaps the biggest outrage from the GOP establishment was when Gingrich made those populist arguments.  It's one thing for those on the left to make populist arguments against Romney, but it was another thing altogether to have those arguments made from someone on the right. How effective were those arguments?  When was the last time that you've heard Romney or his campaign speak of Bain?  Romney not only avoids the topic of Bain entirely, he no longer claims to have created jobs at all as it might once again bring up the messy issue of Bain.  Now Romney is left meekly claiming that he knows how jobs are created.  He is left claiming that he was successful, but he doesn't explain how he was successful.  Instead, he breaks out the bio of his father and speaks about his father's success story.

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