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View Diary: Mitt Romney and his Cold War foreign policy team should, like, y'know, maybe look at a map (86 comments)

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  •  Uhh.. wrong.. (0+ / 0-)

    This past winter saw record build up of sea ice in the Bering straight

    Bering Sea Ice Extent Breaks Records

    Meanwhile, closer to home, the Bering Sea had record ice cover in February and March and it remains well above average even now, halfway through April.
    “Basically what that did, that brought the circulation from the north or the northeast out across the Bering Sea and that essentially does two things. Number one it brings cold air down into the area, so that cold air helps ice form. But it also pushes the ice southward, so you keep pushing the ice edge southward because of the winds blowing from the north.”

    Air temperatures over the Bering Sea averaged 11 to 14 degrees colder than usual this winter, which pushed the ice edge as far south as the Aleutians at times.

    One Alaskan town (Nome) almost ran out of fuel, and an icebreaker spent weeks trying to get a tanker close enough to offload petrol supplies.

    The Navy currently has no ice breakers, and the Coast Guard is down to one operational ship.

    •  I see that there are still (0+ / 0-)

      uses for the icebreakers,  but not a military one per se,  people building and living in areas that can't be resupplied in winter (and my understanding of icebreakers is they really aren't meant to deal with winter ice conditions at least as they used to exist.

      The article accepts that this was an odd year, but even then acknowledges in the Arctic generally, ice extent and thickness are still decreasing.

      Romney's point was that we weren't responding to the "Soviet"  threat of taking over the Arctic Ocean for resources.  Those resources become attainable at acceptable costs only because summer sea ice will virtually disappear.

      •  Yeah.. I get that.. (1+ / 0-)
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        And Romney is latching on to this recent story (that's really pretty old) regarding Russian exploitation of oil fields that are (possibly) in American waters.  He's pandering..

        Nevertheless.. there is a need for icebreakers, but you are right.. not militarily.

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